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False lashes are over. Here's why...

Gone are the days of heavy, thick, false lashes weighing down your eyes, falling off at the corners and being so damn fiddley to apply. Natural is back and we are welcoming it with open arms. It’s time embrace your natural lashes and learn how to make them look their best. 

False Lashes are a thing of the past and this is why: 

  • Can you really be bothered taking the time out of your day to mess around trying to put fake lashes on perfectly? Let’s face it, it hardly ever happens.
  • Haven’t we all had enough of glueing our eyes shut? Having our eyes stream from glue fumes? With the right mascara (CODE of course), you get the same effect without all the hassle.
  • Aren’t we bored of them oh-so-awful drunk pictures? The ones where you’ve had a few glasses of wine and a good cry, and your eyelash has now migrated down by your chin…

No more. CODE has you covered. 

Our amazing mascara will have you wondering why you ever bothered with false lashes. Not to mention? It’s good for your real lashes. No, we’re serious. 

CODE VLM’s formula contains 14 ingredients that not only dramatically enhance your lashes, but also nourish them and encourage growth. 

That means no more combing through clumpy mascara with a spooley or a pair of tweezers, no more rock hard lashes weighing down your eyelids and making the skin around your eyes sore – and no more lashes falling out in clumps when you take your mascara off at night. 

If you have weak, sparse or breaking lashes – this really is the mascara for you. 

Let your natural beauty shine through and give your eyes a break. CODE is here with everything you’ll need to keep on top of the beauty trends.

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