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Bridal makeup mistakes to avoid

Bridal makeup mistakes to avoid

There are plenty of days when testing out the latest lipstick shade or newest foundation launch is perfectly acceptable and we definitely encourage it, but your wedding day is not one of those days.

With all the preparation that goes into your big day, you want to look back on your time as a bride with smiles, not with regret for how your makeup looked in your wedding pictures.

If you’re a bride-to-be that is going for a DIY approach to their wedding day makeup, here are some makeup mistakes to make sure you avoid.


Wearing the wrong colour foundation. 

Choose a foundation that exactly matches your skin - this means the colour and formulation of your foundation. For the best finish, apply with a foundation brush and start in the centre of the face, blending outwards.

Not using the right mascara.

This mistake goes for wedding attendees too. Wedding days are emotional, the speeches, the first dance, tears are practically guaranteed! Avoid the panda eyes look and opt for a mascara like CODE VLM, it’ll last all day and is water-resistant so will stay put during those tearful moments.

Check out why water-resistant mascara is better than waterproof here.

Forgetting to prep your lips before applying lipstick

Dry lips aren’t a good look for anyone, anytime, let alone on your wedding day. CODE LIP (link to product) is a unique lip plumping treatment that focuses on hydrating and nourishing your lips to give you a plump pout. Apply daily for at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding day to make your lips soft, smooth and plump for lipstick application on the morning of your big day.

Getting caught up in beauty trends.

Personally, we aren’t one to follow beauty trends but since we live in an Instagram world now it can be easy to get caught up in the latest beauty trend. When doing your wedding makeup, think about the timelessness of your look… when you look back at your wedding pictures in 10 year’s time will you still like your makeup, you want to still look classic and timeless.

Skipping primer, powder and setting spray.

You might give these steps a miss on a regular basis when doing your everyday makeup, but your wedding day is not the time to be cutting corners. Not only will these products help your makeup last from getting your hair done right through to drunken dances with your bridesmaids, they’ll also make you look flawless rather than shiny in your photos!


If you want some more tips on doing your own wedding makeup, check out our guide here.

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