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Calling all skincare lovers, we've found an amazing vegan brand!

Calling all skincare lovers, we've found an amazing vegan brand!


We love chatting to our customers about all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle and letting them know about brands they might not have heard of before. We also love supporting other women in the industry, so we get super excited when we get the chance to do both these things together!

We stumbled across this British brand and loved their story and products so much we just knew we had to share it with you. 

Kate McIver Skin is a vegan skincare company that focuses on helping people look and feel the best they can. 

“Life is too short and no matter what you are going through mentally or physically, you have the right to look and feel the best you possibly can.”  - Kate McIver.

Kate set up her skincare brand after she was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. After six months of intense chemotherapy, operations and daily medication, she saw the effects taking their toll on her skin. 

During her treatment she started to do some research, looking for a product that could help with extreme dryness, lines appearing, black/purple circles under the eyes and scarring, but she couldn’t find a formula that had all of the ingredients that she wanted in, so she set out to create her own bespoke formula. 

We love that similar to us, this brand focuses on a select range of products and rather than launch product after product, we both spend a lot of time tinkering with the formulas to make sure they are perfect before we give them to our customer. 


Kate created two formulas, both full of some awesome ingredients! 

The Original Secret Weapon formula is an "anti-ageing" double serum that has been created to diminish the signs of ageing and help achieve radiant, glowing, firmer skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

The formula contains Squalene which is a natural substance produced by our own bodies, however its concentrations in our mid-to-late twenties begins to rapidly decline. It’s lightweight enough for all skin types and can target your skin care concerns at a cellular level. 


The Limited Edition Secret Weapon formula was created to target acne and spot prone skin. Containing 13 incredible ingredients, this serum fights breakouts, boosts radiance, moisturises and relieves discolouration. It gives your skin the moisture it needs while the vitamins and antioxidants also fight damage such as UV rays and acne-causing bacteria. 

You can find out more about both formulas here.

We’ve teamed up with the lovely team at Kate McIver Skin to give you the chance to win incredible products from both brands! Head over to our Instagram or Facebook on the 30th May for your chance to win! 

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