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Why we think water resistant mascara is miles better than waterproof mascara

When we were developing CODE Volumising Lengthening Mascara our long list of ‘must-haves’ included it being easy to take off!  So when we were testing lots of formulas we realised that water resistant is where it’s at - and the results are usually miles better than waterproof.  Sadly we found a lot of waterproof mascara's super hard to remove! ( we defo don't want rubbing wrinkles... :-) ) and sometimes you also end up losing a lash or two in the process.... NO THANKS!

So... CODE VLM is not waterproof... it’s water resistant - we like to call it tear proof... for those emotional moments. You can have a good old cry or a laugh and CODE VLM will not smudge or flake (just don’t go diving in a pool! - sitting by the pool having a little lady swim is ok – you know the type of swimming you do when you don't want to get your hair wet lol).

Our CODE VLM mascara is gentle on the eyes and very easy to remove with a water based cleanser. Top tip for eye makeup removal is to hold the cotton wool pad with cleanser on your eye lids for a few seconds gently moving it side to side, it should just come straight off! - simples.


I am interested in this mascara but it does not appear to be for sale on your website (other than in a kit)? Where can I get it from please. Is available in black/brown?

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