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Prima Magazine recommends CODE VLM Mascara

Picked up your copy of this month’s Prima Magazine yet...? Make sure you flick to page 77 as CODE VLM is in it!

Prima’s Beauty Editor, Sabine Wiesel, answered a question that was sent into Beauty SOS...

“Q: Every mascara I buy seems to smudge. Please can you recommend one that doesn’t budge?”
“A: I’m loving the Code Beautiful VLM Mascara (£19.95). It lengthens lashes, staying put all day, and is great for layering – building volume without any clumps. It was formulated by two women who, just like you, were fed up with mascaras that never seemed to live up to their claims.”

So excited to see this in Prima! CODE VLM is getting quite a cult following, everyone who try’s it – loves it because of the long lasting results it gives you.  Whether you’ve got short or sparse lashes, to fine or straight lashes, CODE VLM will really lift and curl your lashes giving you results that last all day long and the beauty is that you are able to build the mascara and can layer on layer without it clumping, smudging or flaking. 

Thanks for the shout out Sabine! x

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