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Fancy a swap? ...Mascara Swingers

We've just finished our #MascaraSwingers campaign...we were calling all mascara addicts in London, Leeds and Liverpool  - and asking them if they fancy a swap?

Us girls have lots of mascara’s in our make up bags; for length, thickness, volume, separation and curl... but we thought what if you could trade them in for ONE hero product... a make up bag essential that does it all? Introducing CODE VLM (Volumising Lengthening Mascara)

We teamed up with Harvey Nichols and BeautyMART in Topshop and trekked up and down the country; to Leeds, Liverpool and London, inviting women to trade in their current mascara for a new full sized CODE VLM mascara for free!

It was fab to see so many people trading in some big well known brands that they simply didn't give them lashes they love.... 


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