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Removing your Mascara... without getting unnecessary wrinkles!

So you've got in late it’s Friday night and all you really want to do is get into bed, either with the hot stuff you brought home or in your fluffiest PJ’s ... DONT do it..... Well not until you’ve taken off your make up, ALL OF IT, YES ALL OF IT!

I love using water based cleansers, as do most of my friends and people I know in the industry....So whack some on a cotton wool pad, close your eyes and HOLD it at the base of your lash for a few seconds, so that the product soaks onto your lashes a little, then GENTLY wipe from left to right in sweeping motions, do not RUB no matter how many cocktails you've had, it really isn't good for your eyes!

Use a few cotton wool pads and keep gently wriggling from left to right at the base of your lashes until you know you've removed your mascara completely! Now you can dive into bed... Zzzzz

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