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A day in the life of.... Co-Founder, Kirsti Shuba

Kirsti Shuba is Co- Founder of CODE Beautiful and Managing Director of Fraser Muir Holdings Ltd. We wanted to share what Kirsti get’s up to in a typical day, sharing a sneaky preview into Kirsti’s mind...

So my more than full time job has to be squeezed into 4 very long days, these are the easy days, which start at 5am with either dog walking or a gym session.

For my work days, which are so varied, from office days to training groups of up to 12 Beauty Therapists, to meetings in London, you can see why I needed to make my own mascara as it has to stand the test of time, heat, tired eyes and time of a meeting, a breakfast meeting, deserves a more demure look than a dinner meeting.

But the days which really test my BFF of mascara are Fridays AKA Mummy Friday! So here’s an insight into my last Mummy Friday.On Mummy Friday, it just me and the kids. Kitty 4 and Daniel 19 months. Its go go go!

Gym Session - tick

Shower and make up - tick

Kids breakfast, wash and dress - tick

Now we're ready for action We get the boring bits out the way, Tesco here we come.  Now we're off for some fun, destination Letchworth paddling pool and fountains, of course with a picnic. Kids have no hang ups about splashing around in the water and the wetter they get the more they enjoy it. There’s no worry about frizzing damp hair and not a second thought about panda eyes from mascara running. For me, well, the hair is going to frizz - end of discussion but I know my mascara will hold up. I am totally confident of this.   The day is fabulous and we have taken a picnic with us, my skin is well guarded with Collin Resultime CC cream with SPF 30, my other must have product. SO water, heat and then back in the water for some more splashing around. Then the batteries start to go and the kids settle down for a rest, snuggled under towels they drift off to sleep. I can relax myself for half an hour, well I can catch up on emails for half an hour!. Time flies by and yep they're up and back in the water for their last splashing session before its time to go home. We're packed up and ready to go. A quick check in the rear view mirror, my CODE Beautiful VLM hasn't budged a bit, not smudging, which under the circumstances is a miracle in itself, no flaking, not crumbling.

The verdict of the day... weather - fab picnic - fab venue - fab mascara - amazing Kirsti x

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