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A day in the life of.... Co-Founder, Sarah Cross

Sarah Cross is Co- Founder of CODE Beautiful and Managing Director of uber. We wanted to share a sneaky preview into what goes down on a typical day in the world of Sarah...

Every day is very different for me, which is why I love it – if I’m honest I’d be bored out of my mind sitting at a desk doing the same thing every day! 

I usually start my day slightly grumpy at the thought of having to get up early... I’m a night owl not a morning person... So straight to spotify I’m a big music addict so that’s how I like to start the day.....  for my ‘morning song’ this morning it was ‘Lost in Music, Dimitri from paris remix’ ....  lost in music is where I find myself a lot of the time... AAAAnd I’m awake.... hot water and lemon followed by a mini yoga session, Preston my cat is so not impressed every morning and shows me this by trying to bite me whilst I’m busy getting myself into some random yoga positions!

I’m a list geek and love writing a list out every day of tasks, Emma and I have a weekly catch up of what’s going on for that week but we also write a daily task list out too, to make sure we prioritise our day.   I’m a fan of having one big goal a day, both personally and professionally, a real focus to make that one thing that’s currently important happen. Once my list is done, I’ll have a bit of breakie, bagel with honey is a current fave, or scrambled eggs, feta and spinach!

When I have an office only day I always have lots of things to catch up on from emails to checking over copy and campaigns to testing out new products and looking at ways of growing the CODE Beautiful brand... It’s a really exciting time for us all at CODE, my mission is to spread the CODE Beautiful love worldwide. 

My days vary between visiting our salons and retailers to give regular training and keep everyone in the know on all things CODE Beautiful. I also love stumbling across new potential salons and retailers that are cool, different or stand out from the crowd to introduce the brand to, then some days I find myself doing 3 QVC live shows in a day and dreaming up new campaigns for our CODE VLM addicts, as well as working with bloggers and make-up artists and our pr agency to make sure we raise our brand awareness.Today I am also finalising plans for a photo shoot we are doing on Sunday... and I'm almost there...!  

After work I’ve usually got something on most nights, nothing like a good burning of the candle at both ends!   My personal life is quite opposite to Kirsti’s so while she’s busy reading bedtime stories and getting her little ones to bed I’m usually out busy socialising..!

I always end my day how I started it checking off my list and listening to a track of the moment I think tonight’s will be You Wish, Nightmares on wax... Sarah x

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