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What...Pixiwoo...Thinks CODE VLM is fab... :-)

What a whirlwind the last year has been getting CODE VLM ready, perfect product, cool branding and a following of beauty and fashion addicts…..  With a waiting list for launch and certain stockists selling out of product in the first 24 hours, our feet have hardly touched the ground, but what a great time we've been having and how excited are we about the rest of our CODE Beautiful journey…!

SOOO, whilst taking my make up off last night, ready to get in some early zzz's, text messages were coming through saying…. "Sarah!!! Pixiwoo thinks CODE VLM mascara is great, she's just put it in her latest video blog you have to check it out on YouTube!"

Which obviously when you hear about the gorgeous Pixiwoo aka Sam Chapman recommending anything you want to check out the video, let alone when it's your own product. So off on to YouTube I went to check it out…!

With over a million subscribers and 44,000 hits to the latest video in hours, I was clearly over the moon, to hear that someone who gets to try soooo many products chose to talk about ours. #cool

So if you haven't already seen it.. Here it is…


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