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Our VLM Looks

May 14, 2013

CODE Natural – OK so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, the natural look, but for some, one coat is all you need – personally being challenged in the eyelash department ( I have very few and very short lashes) I always need 3 coats of VLM mascara, if  I’m wearing “proper” makeup.

But think Sunday morning, tinted moisturiser rather than foundation, you want the “I’m not wearing makeup” look. Au naturelle but without frightening the kids and small animals! This is when one coat is all I need.

Three coats – As I said I am generally a 3 coats kinda girl, not out of choice but out of not having great lashes! CODE Beautiful VLM gives me the ability to build from CODE natural to CODE XXL or from au naturelle to fluttery lashes without lashes clumping together. Lash definition is a must have for most of us. I hate spiders in any shape or size, spider leg lashes NO thank you!

Half a coat? Really? Go on try it. When you have achieved your desired look. Be it 1, 2 or 3 coats of VLM add one more half coat of product. But this time start from the mid length of the lash. This is what we call CODE XXL, extra, extra lash length whilst keeping that all important lash definition.

CODE Feline (Mee –Ow) – Fancy cat eyes?, this will help to achieve the illusion of the almond or cat eye shape, which is said by some, to be the perfect, most beautiful eye shape? CODE feline gives your lashes a flick out, and sends them all of in a 45 degree angle (hope fully all in the same direction!) A great compliment to a liquid liner outer edge flick. So take the Roots wriggle Roll and apply coat one as you always would, from the second coat, go Roots and wriggle and on the roll sweep the lashes out towards your temple in a 45 degree angle. Pur-fect!

I would love to hear how you get on with our CODE Beautiful techniques, drop me a line.

Kirsti x

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