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Insider tip on how to apply your CODE VLM mascara..

Never underestimate the importance of technique when applying your mascara...!

Now we don’t want to teach our Grand Mother to suck eggs but we realised that professional Makeup Artists apply mascara in a certain way. We watched, we learnt and then we gave the technique the CODE Beautiful make over – it's name.... 'Roots Wriggle Roll'

So, why is application of mascara right to the root of the eye lash so important? This is where the lash lift comes from, if you start your mascara application from the mid - lower length of the lash rather than the root, you just won’t achieve the more open eyed look that root application achieves.

Wriggle – This movement works two fold – wriggle the brush back and forth 3 – 4 times when your brush is in place at the root of the lash. The wriggle builds product into the root area and this will give longevity to the lash lift.  This lash lift scaffolding  will last you all day long.

Then you got to Roll – Roll, sweep, glide.  what ever you want to call it, but the key things is to get the mascara right from the root to the tip of the lash.

Give it a go; we would love to hear what you think of our Roots, Wriggle and Roll technique.

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