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OK, so we knew what we wanted from mascara but we were constantly disappointed with products which promised this, that and the other but couldn’t deliver results.

Being constantly disappointed is no good for any girl! We knew we wanted long fluttery lashes, we knew we needed longevity, mascara which works as hard as we do. We love Pandas but hate panda eyes, and flakes…flakes are a chocolate treat and not a good makeup look. So, to achieve our long fluttery lashes we added nylon fibres to our mascara to build the length of our lashes. Next we added a film forming ingredient, to seal each lash, so that those fibres stayed strong and long all day and did not flake or smudge.

Another thing we thought really important is that mascara should protect, nurture and condition lashes. Let’s face it, most of us condition our hair on a regular basis and as eyelashes are hairs, we knew we need to care for them, to get the very best from our product. We added vitamins and waxes to moisturise and condition lashes and then included extract of bamboo to encourage lashes to grow…. !

So we decided we’d got ourselves an amazing product, but we would, wouldn’t we…? So we put it to the test using a consumer testing panel and they agreed with us (PHEW…) 99% said they would recommend VLM to a friend. Now it’s your turn to tell us what you think…. Try it out… 

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