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The VLM Brush

Let’s talk mascara brushes,

We umm’d and we ahh’d over this subject. We found an amazing brush; it did everything we need it to do. It was small enough to get to the roots of even the shortest of lashes, it was bristly enough to grab the lashes to ensure you can get full lash lift and the bristles were different lengths to give lash volume and the bristles were set wide enough apart to give lash definition. Sounding good to you?

We loved it, but were told by mascara marketing boffins that “it’s not pretty”, “it looks old fashioned”, that “women like to see a fuller bushier brush in their mascara”.  Hmm, what to do?

So we tried our perfect VLM product formulation, (which we had tweaked and titivated to give us the perfect result) with a big fat bushy mascara brush.  OH MY GOODNESS! IT WAS RUBBISH!

The brush too big to get to the roots of the eye lashes and this was made totally impossible to do if the lashes were short, bushy brushes are bushy because the bristles are so close together, this was our next stumbling block… we could get the volume to the lashes but we definitely couldn’t get the lash definition.

So we went back to old “ugly brush” (and ta da fabulous results resumed, thank you very much),  OK it may be ugly but it’s our “ugly brush” and by God it gives us amazing results and for that reason alone, we love it.  Don’t just take our word for it, this is what other (non biased) ladies said about CODE beautiful VLM:

“It is very easy to apply to all lashes and I love the brush”

"A really great mascara and I would definitely buy it.  I like the brush.  It dries quickly and 2 coats look good.  Lasts all day.  Reapply a layer for evening and it still didn't clog.  Fab."

"I'm really pleased with size of the brush, other mascaras I have tried have either been too short or too long."

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