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We're 100% vegan... here's what it means.

We're 100% vegan... here's what it means.

As you probably already know, veganism is one of the new talking points in beauty, it’s the hot topic on everyone’s lips.  

The vegan diet has been on the rise over the past couple of years and this has resulted in beauty brands following suit... you can now get pretty much anything in a vegan version!  

We make all our CODE Beautiful products vegan because it’s a no-brainer really... they are friendlier to the earth, they are better for your skin and we don’t believe that any animals should be harmed for the sake of beauty.  

What’s vegan and what’s not can be a really grey area in the beauty industry though, so we’ve put together a little guide to clear some things up! 

What makes a product vegan?  

A product that is vegan doesn’t contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients. This includes honey, lanoil, cholesterol, albumen, carmine, gelatin and many others. If you’re unsure, give the ingredients a scan to see if anything stands out or look for the PETA logo on the packaging, this is a certification that confirms whether or not a product is vegan.  

What makes a product cruelty free? 

Animal testing is another important consideration... just because a brand is cruelty free, doesn’t necessarily make it vegan and vice versa.  

For example, a lot of red lipsticks use crushed beetles and this is how they get that bold red, however as long as the brand isn’t testing the lipstick on animals, they can still be classed as cruelty free... it just doesn’t make sense does it?! 

Animal testing for cosmetics is banned in the UK however the Chinese government conducts animal tests on all cosmetics imported into the country.  

So, this means even if a brand itself does not test on animals, if they are selling their products in China... they cannot be considered cruelty-free.  There are some loop holes to get around this but you should check out the brand in detail. 

We do not sell any of our products into China, they will develop their policy but for now it’s off our radar. 

We’ve been certified by PETA as a cruelty free AND vegan brand so make sure you look out for the PETA logo if you’re unsure on any products you’re thinking of trying out.  

Does it affect the results? 

Replacing your products with vegan alternatives can have a massive impact on overall animal consumption, but we completely understand that you may be worried that the quality might not be as good.  

This definitely isn’t something you need to worry about, you can still get gorgeous packaging and products with amazing ingredients without harming animals. 

All CODE Beautiful products are now 100% vegan and we believe that the ingredients you put on your face really matter which is why we find safe and amazing alternatives whilst keeping the high-quality formula.  


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