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How my beauty routine changed after having a baby

How my beauty routine changed after having a baby

Just over 3 years ago, I had a gorgeous little boy and my whole world got turned upside down ha!  

I had visions of the most beautiful pictures in hospital, I’d have my hair and makeup done, my baby would be wrapped up in a blanket and it would be one to frame for the living room.  

Oh how naïve I was. 🤣 

That day was an insight into how my beauty routine would change forever.  

I used to wear a full face of makeup every single day, no matter what I was doing, you wouldn’t even catch me in Sainsburys without my makeup done. But now, I have a little one that needs attention and my time to get ready in the morning is a lot more hectic.  

In movies, new mums are often shown to be sleep-deprived zombies with crazy wild hair and eyebags the size of small countries... whilst some days people probably think I do look like this (😬), I’ve found that I have to keep some normality to my beauty routine to help me feel like ‘Chloe’ and not just ‘Ezra’s mum’.  

These are a few ways my routine has changed since having a little one.  


Having a toddler running around wanting to open every tube, bottle and pot in sight forces you to be super speedy. I’ve found that I can make myself presentable in minimal time; meaning when I used to say it took me an hour to get ready in the morning, I was probably spending too much time scrolling through Instagram!  


In my opinion, no one is better at multi-tasking than a mum. There’s known to be days where Ezra has been sitting on my lap eating his cereal while I do my eyebrows... we’ve just got to get on with it. 🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s not always the most relaxing experience but in the early days if I needed to get out the door and the baby needed a feed, we just had to make it work! 

I also LOVE using products that mean I can be doing other things at the same time. Face mask while making dinner? Yes pleaseeee! 🤣 


This was a big thing for me. My money now tends to be spent in Zara’s kids section rather than on the latest beauty launch. I’ve learnt that I don’t NEED to try every new beauty product out there and my makeup bag has become more like a little kit of essentials. If I'm working from home or not up to much on a weekend, my hair tends to go into a messy bun and I apply a few swipes of CODE VLM to make me look more awake and I’m good to go.   


Who knew a hot bath could get me so emotional! In the early days it wasn’t uncommon for me to shed some tears over how excited I was to be alone in a hot bubble bath. After running around with a toddler non-stop, I now appreciate these little moments of ‘me time’ so much more.  


I used to feel like I had to wear makeup, I had to have a full face on to go to work, I couldn’t be seen in the gym without my whole makeup bag on... heaven forbid I bump into someone! I’ve now learnt that not only does no one in the gym care if I have makeup or not but I also worry less about what people do think... what’s the saying... the people that care don’t matter and the people that matter don’t care.  


Looking pretty means something different to everyone and that’s okay, to me it just means feeling and looking a bit like my old self. My beauty routine may have changed but when I apply my makeup I feel more like myself and not just ‘Ezra’s mum’ and that’s really important to me.  



Chloe x 

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