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Upgrade your lashes the natural way

Upgrade your lashes the natural way

For those of you who haven’t discovered the secret dream team, you are missing out…

CODE VLM is the ultimate everyday mascara. 

  • It Lengthens  
  • It volumises 
  • It thickens 
  • It Curls 
  • It doesn’t clump or smudge
  • It is Vegan & cruelty (obvs)
  • Then on top of allll of that, CODE VLM is water-resistant, so whether you’re sweating it out at the gym or having a good cry, we’ve got you covered.

Made for every occasion with a full bristle brush with different length bristles designed to grab every lash, a few waves of the wand CODE VLM can give you a natural everyday look, making your eyelashes look elegant. Or if you want to go for a lash look with drama, CODE VLM can do just that. With the buildable formula, CODE VLM makes it easy to go from day to night effortless, meaning you can just top it up if you want to later in the day. 

Bold go big or go home 

If you are still after that extra bit of drama or if you have thinning lashes or very short lashes CODE FFL is for you. Paired with CODE VLM it will take your lashes from famished to full flutter, creating the dream team.


CODE FFL is a pre-mascara lash plumper, that seriously amps up lash volume and makes your mascara work harder whilst also preventing flaking and smudging. So, you can forget fake lashes as CODE FFL will bring you all the drama you need. 

Here is a quick video of Sarah showing how easy it is to apply CODE VLM and CODE FFL, you can buy both at a discounted price with free shipping here .

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