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The game changer for naturally defined brows

The game changer for naturally defined brows

How hard is it to find the perfect brow product?  We’ve all over plucked or over drawn our brows at some point, what we really need is a no nonsense brow product that delivers on it’s promises. Naturally defined brows, quick and easy because let's be honest who has time for brows?

CODE NBD not only helps your eyebrows stay in place allll day long but thickens, shapes and defines your brows. All it takes is a few quick brushes and this brow gel effortlessly glides on, creating a natural looking brow. If you want to create a bolder looking brow, the formula is light weight and buildable to do just that without the caking look or sticky feel.  

CODE NBD’s secret power is that it has a special hair pigmentation ingredient to help maintain the hair’s natural colour triggering process (in plain English, it helps with sneaky greys and colour fading). 
Here is what Cindy had to say about her experience with CODE NBD. 

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