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The Ultimate Gift Guide

The Ultimate Gift Guide

Ok, so this little note to you is dedicated to helping you decide what you’d like this Christmas & solve some gifting challenges for you.
For the lady who is ALWAYS telling you how tired she feels...
CODE INSTANT EYE LIFT KIT This 3 product wonder will have her feeling fresh and wide awake in no time….! 

For the one who likes to flutter those lashes. – she won't get a better fit than the lash dream team... CODE LASH KIT 

For the friend who wants fuller lips but without a needle in sight...
CODE LIP KIT will give her lips that literally feel as amazing as they look. 
The one who has zero time for contouring – (what even is that….???) the easy way to conceal, lift, contour, bronze... the list goes on…. Probably the most multitasking product we have... CODE CONCEAL & CONTOUR KIT 
The experimental friend who does her makeup on the run...
CODE OMBRE CONCEALER TREND KIT She's got concealing lips, eyes and cheeks all covered with this gorgeous pair. 
Finally, for your bestie because she deserves to feel naturally vibrant every day in the easiest possible way (that includes you too!)...  CODE VIBRANCY KIT PLUS NBD 
Happy shopping - please don’t forget yourself ❤️
Much love,
Sarah x


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