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It's party season - ditch those false lashes...

It's party season - ditch those false lashes...

Have you got a lovely night out planned this party season? I am hoping you will be ditching those false lashes and making the most of CODE FFL & CODE VLM for the extra lash drama. Don’t forget to experiment with CODE LLE in Deep Moments for a sexy subtle brown Smokey eye (have you seen we’ve got CODE LLE in a multi-colour kit now whoop!).
The clutch bag top up essentials CODE HTG in which every shade suits your mood, along with the Lip Kit CODE SSL & CODE LIP are always with me on a night out, I’ll often get comments on a night out when I'm re-applying in the loo “Oh wow that’s a quick little refresh and looks fab." Easy to use, perfect for that gorgeous glow; we've got your lips, eyes and cheeks covered. I can't wait to see your party outfits this season please tag us in on your lovely nights out!
Sarah x 

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