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The products you need to effortlessly see you through this summer

The products you need to effortlessly see you through this summer

It‘s summer holidays whether you are staying close to home or further a field;  we have put together a list of the perfect summer products for you. 


CODE VLM – the ultimate everyday mascara, no matter how warm it gets there will be no sign of smudging, flaking, or clumping that might appear to ruin your holiday photos and being water resistant, it won't even run. CODE VLM has a full bristle brush, designed to grab every lash for a guaranteed defined, thickened and volumised look. With CODE VLM tThe Buildable formula makes it easy to go from day to night effortless, meaning you can just top it up if you want to later in the day. 

CODE SSL is a 3-in-1 meaning so you can pack less and have more space for important things, such as shoes! Being a lipliner, lipstick and lip plumper you have it all covered, even with a built-in sharpener in the lid, so there will be no need to root through all your luggage to remember you left the sharpener at home! Then the added bonus CODE SSL will last all day, so you won’t have to carry around an emergency lippy. 

Quick, easy and long lasting is the perfect combination for a product you want to be taking away with you, and CODE NBD is just that! With a quick brush and being totally smudge proof, you can be safe in the knowledge, that once you have put your eyebrows in place, they won't move all day. CODE NBD will give you tinted, naturally defined brows  that feel good thanks to the light formula. 

No summer would be complete without our get up and glow CODE HTG a lip, cheek and eye treat, comes in 3 shades for ALLL of your summer moods. It’s light creamy and super easy to use. Such a good value product it will last you months and months! 

Love from, 

Sarah and Emma x  

P.s Watch this natural summer look 

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