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The best alternative to lip filler

The best alternative to lip filler

On the run up to 40 Sarah wanted a lip product that would give her fuller, more defined lips without a needle in sight. So, that is what we created, two products CODE SSL and CODE LIP not only do they both look AMAZING on, but they FEEL great too! 

Statement lips in a few seconds

CODE SSL is a 3-in-1 lip liner, lipstick, and lip plumper. You can wear it to simply line your lips or as a full coverage lipstick- either way it will plump your lips by stimulating collagen, filling in those fine lines over time. CODE SSL has a buildable formula and comes in the shade perfect for all skin tones.  Then the secret weapon of CODE SSL is that it has a self-sharpening lid, perfect for on the go!  


For lips that feel as good as they look.

 CODE LIP is a lip plumping treatment like no other, truly being the opposite to everything you know about lip plumpers. Packed full of clever ingredients, CODE LIP will totally hydrate, nourish and fill in your fine lines over time, with no temporary swelling, burning or irritation of your capillaries. This lip treatment is a treat that nourishes your lips. 

The transformation won't happen instantly, but being a shade that suits every skin tone, we are sure you will love wearing it every day to complete your makeup look. Over a couple of weeks, you will start to notice your lips look as good as they feel. We are warning you though, it is addictive 😊 

Both can be worn on their own, but paired they create the ultimate lip combo. You can get BOTH here at an exclusive price!

We would LOVEEEE to see you wearing our ultimate lip combo! So, send them over to hello@code-beautiful.com or tag us on Instagram @codebeautiful, we can’t wait to see them!  

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