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It's super important for us to have a genuine relationship with our #CODERS, and part of that is introducing you to the team. We decided to start a feature, where members of Team CODE would answer a few questions so that you can get to know us a little better!

Next up... it's Dee x


What does a typical day working at CODE look like for you?

A typical CODE day for me involved checking media online and print to see who is talking about us, putting together PR plans and chatting to beauty editors, bloggers and makeup artists. It's always very busy!

You work in Ireland, what's the beauty scene like over there?

Beauty is BIG over here. From bloggers and influencers sharing reviews, tips and videos on how to use certain products to magazines giving you the low down on what is new in beauty to beauty master classes, there is always something going on and someone talking about beauty; our favourite subject!

What's your favourite beauty-related quote?

Honestly, I love the quotes on our CODE Beautiful signature makeup bags. Some days I love this one, it speaks to me! And when I say some days I mean most days 😂 😂.

Other days I love this one because it's so true; 'Suit yourself, no one else'.

What's your favourite thing about working for CODE?

The cool bunch of girls on the CODE team, they are just lovely, helpful and so easy to work with! I also love seeing what the next hero product is in the pipeline.

What is your favourite CODE hero product?

I love them all of course!! But if I absolutely had to pick only one product, I would have to say CODE VLM, the original hero product. It is the BEST mascara I have ever used! It separates my lashes and allows me to layer up and from the first day I wore CODE VLM I have always received the best compliments about my eyes.


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