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CODE GIRL: Emma Willis

CODE GIRL: Emma Willis

CODE GIRL: This month we’re loving, Emma Willis

At CODE HQ we wanted to give you an insight into the ladies inspiring us at the moment, each month we'll be picking a CODE Girl who's killing it in her own unique way.

This month we're loving birthday babe, Emma Willis.


You love her. I love her. Everyone loves her. She is impossible not to like.

Keep reading to see why we can’t get enough of her.


  1. She has great hair

Ridiculously good! If you don’t know what we’re talking about you need to get googling... right now!


  1. She’s a family girl

Emma has always described her and her husband Matt as a team, which would explain how she’s absolutely smashing the entertainment industry while still raising three beautiful children. 


  1. She supports other women

Being a firm believer in supporting each other, Emma has admitted to being a ‘modern-day feminist’ and plans to raise her kids in the same way, go Emma! In an interview with Cosmopolitan she said; “People say women are competitive with each other but thankfully I’ve never found that… We don’t need to pick holes in each other; we need to be supportive.”


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