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Spring Forward... With a Sunday Natural Makeup Look

Spring Forward... With a Sunday Natural Makeup Look

So today I'm bringing you my lash tips.... 

Mascara is a must for me as it helps with that open eye wide awake look, especially as we get older our eyes just seem to get smaller!!! 

We packed everything we wanted from a mascara into CODE VLM...

✔️ Lengthening
✔️ Volumising
✔️ Long lasting
✔️ Depth of colour
✔️ Instant wow factor
✔️ No running
✔️ No smudging  

Even when I'm on a dog walk in the rain and wind, I can trust that my VLM will not smudge or run!  That’s because it does what it promises but also, I don’t compromise it in anyway by wearing any products with oil-based ingredients around my eyes, that’s my cleanser, serum or moisturiser.  Sometimes when we wear oil based ingredients our makeup gets some slippage / movement and that is not what we want! 

If you have damaged or very fine lashes or super short lashes then teaming CODE VLM mascara with CODE FFL will really help and give you a head start by plumping and lengthening each lash before you apply mascara (that’s any mascara by the way).  

Both of them together are on offer in a kit here... 

Happy Sunday guys
Sarah x


Wow, hardly begins to describe results. As a mature lady my lashes seem much thinner with less length, until this morning that is !! Your eye lash kit arrived yesterday, very promptly too, so this am is my first application and what a difference. It literally does everything you say it will. Thankyou so much, I will definitely recommend to all my yoga/pilates friends. Thanks again.

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