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So. Let’s talk about CBD

So. Let’s talk about CBD

Suffice to say, it’s having a bit of a moment. Short for cannabidiol, it’s hard to walk down the high street or turn on the news these days without seeing some evidence of its stratospheric rise in popularity. From coffee to cosmetics, products containing CDB are everywhere. But what exactly is it and why is everyone talking about it?

To find out more, we caught up with social entrepreneur and mum, Zoe. She and her husband founded the Canni Family about four years ago to provide a high quality source of CBD to what felt like a very confusing market landscape. 

Heres what we learned:

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive chemical compound that comes from the Cannibis plant. It’s worth noting that Cannibis has two species, Hemp and Marijuana. Cannabidiol can come from either one, but regardless of how much you take, it cannot get you high. The psycho-active component of marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD extract on its own does not lead to changes in mood or perception. 

Is CBD legal?

Because CBD doesn’t get you “high,” products containing only CBD are considered legal in most countries. THC, on the other hand is illicit. Though CBD does contain trace amounts of THC, according to the Home Office, so long as this amount remains below .2% it’s completely legal. 

Why do people use CBD ?

There are a range of reported benefits for everything from anxiety to addiction; however the body of “accepted” research in this country is still relatively limited. It’s important to understand that under UK law, over the counter CBD products are classed as food supplements.  According to Harvard Medical School, “the strongest scientific evidence is for its effectiveness is in treating some of the cruelest childhood epilepsy syndromes, such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), which typically don’t respond to antiseizure medications. In numerous studies, CBD was able to reduce the number of seizures, and in some cases it was able to stop them altogether.” There has also been research to suggest its effectiveness in treating chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia. Medicinal uses of cannabidiol ie prescription medications containing CBD are regulated differently than the over-counter-stuff, if a readily available CBD product is touting any claims about the medicinal benefits, the brand is breaking the law.  

What you need to know?

One of the reasons Zoe and her Husband, Charlie set up the Canni Family is because they observed that the process of buying Cannabis products was incredibly difficult to navigate, full of misinformation, and lacking in transparency. They spent a year trying and testing all of the market leading brands only to find themselves “completely baffled about what they were actually buying.” There were brands that misstated the amount of THC in their products (remember THC, the stuff that gets you high and can lead to testing positive on a drug test), incidents where products contained rancid oil and even products that didn’t contain any CBD at all.  As a brand, the Canni Family provides only the highest quality, lab-tested products and is committed to clear product labels so you know exactly what you’re buying. Their products are also tested by both the Association of Systematic Kinesiologists and the International College of Applied Kinesiology and have been found to be among the best on the market. We asked Zoe what we should look for in a high quality CBD product:

1.) Clear labeling—the precise number of milligrams of Cannabis extract within the product as per serving/drop/bottle.

2.) Independent Lab Reports— the only way to truly know what’s in the product you are putting into your body.

3.) Medical claims, or references to benefits—Members of the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) must comply to the MHRA regulations and FSA and also must provide lab reports, clear labeling and sell products only as a food supplements. Making claims about the medicinal benefits of CBD products is against regulation and could be an indicator the brand falls short in other areas. 

Aside from being passionately committed to bringing the highest quality CBD products to as many people who would benefit from them as possible, Zoe and her husband are also focused on helping to educate people on what to look for in a quality Cannabis product. She’s also just generally lovely. If you’re interested in learning more or have any questions—the team at the Canni Family are always happy to help.

Zoe’s Pick 

We asked Zoe what her favourite CODE Beautiful product was.... 
And the winner is... CODE LLE (Zoe is mum to 3 year old Sam... so no surprise there. )

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