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New Product Alert

Introducing CODE Lid Lift Enhance, the multifunctional superstar that works to lift, brighten and open even the sleepiest of eyes. A concealer, primer and eyeshadow all in one, CODE LLE is a combination of moisturising and lifting active ingredients that work together to smooth and soften for a sublimely radiant silky finish.

As a brand, we really try to be led by the people who use our products. From how we go about deciding what to create to the way we approach our production, packaging and shipping; we do our very best to respond directly to the feedback from our customers. CODE LLE is no exception.

One of the things we hear our customers complain about all the time is the appearance of heavy, tired-looking eyes. Being the lovely helpful humans that we are, we decided to get to work on it. We tried to think of a way to give everyone an extra three hours of sleep, but swiftly realised that was probably beyond the scope of our capabilities. Joking aside, when we set out to do some product research we couldn’t really find anything that solved this issue.

We wanted to create something that would not only act as a primer and concealer, but that would actively improve the condition of the skin over time as well. CODE LLE promotes even skin tone and injects radiance without feeling heavy, whilst also minimising the appearance of dark circles, veins, pigmentation and fine lines. We’ve included ingredients to promote cell renewal, improve skin elasticity and protect against the signs of aging and in case that’s not enough, you can even use it as an eyeshadow. Available in two shades “Light Hearted” and “Deep Moments” to suit all skin tones. You can even mix them together to create a smoky eye look.

Paired with our lash conditioner CODE FFL and our Mascara CODE VLM, you’ll never look tired again (but seriously… get some sleep… it’s super important)

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