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Dry Lips in Winter— Our Top Tips

Dry Lips in Winter— Our Top Tips

There are a lot of good things about winter—the twinkling lights, the crisp mornings, spending time with family and loved ones… mulled wine. Unfortunately, for many of us, the condition of our lips is not one of them.

Amidst plummeting temperatures and bone chilling winds, it can feel nearly impossible to prevent painful, chapped lips from developing. Dry, cracked lips can be incredibly uncomfortable—not to mention putting a damper on any under-the-mistletoe action. Let’s take a look at what causes dry, chapped lips as well as how you can prevent the pesky condition should the problem arise.

Causes of Dry Lips

The skin on the lips is much thinner than other parts of the body, so it’s especially vulnerable to the dry, blustery winds and cold weather. The lips don’t have any glands to produce natural protective oils like other skin, which makes them even more susceptible. Essentially, chapped lips happen as a result of a lack of moisture. It’s not all down to the weather though, there are a number of environmental and lifestyle factors that can contribute to the problem. These include;

• A lack of humidity in the cold winter air.

• Smoking cigarettes or drinking too much alcohol.

• Frequent licking (saliva has a drying effect on the skin— so licking your lips can deprive them of moisture).

• Dehydration and certain vitamin deficiencies.

The good news is, a little bit of self-care can go a long way towards preventing dry lips from developing.

 How to Prevent Chapped Lips

  • Before going outside and braving the cold, apply a moisturising lip balm or treatment  (like our CODE LIP) to shield the lips from the elements. Products infused with hyaluronic acid will help your lips hold on to much needed hydration. A hydrating lip product is especially important in winter, when dry, cold air caused by low humidity tends to sap the moisture from the skin (including the lips). CODE LIP is a hydrating, plumping, long-lasting, defining, hyaluronic acid-infused lip plumping treatment that works to improve reduce fine lines and create a fuller, more defined pout as well as helping to keep chapped lips at bay. Top Tip: pair with CODE SSL to perfect the plump pout whilst looking after your lips.

  • Be sure to avoid glosses and lipsticks with irritants such as alcohol or fragrances that can dry out the lips.
  • As well as protecting your lips and utilising a good moisturising product, drink at least 4-6 glasses of water to ensure you’re staying hydrated and consume a diet rich in vitamins and minerals (like vitamin b and iron/zinc).
  • We’re not here to preach, but try to reduce the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol as these things really make matters worse.
  • You might also consider using a humidifier to add some moisture to the dry winter air when you’re sleeping at night.

Top Tip: Don’t let your specialised moisturisers go to waste, if you have left over eye or face moisturiser, apply to your lips for that extra bit of nourishing goodness overnight.

We hope this helps!

If you have any other winter beauty woes send em’ our way and we will do our best to get your questions answered!


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