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Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

We want to celebrate the strength of female entrepreneurs all over the world. Women who lead with passion and inspire others to feel amazing, because the only thing more beautiful than a woman in control of her own destiny is one who supports other women on their journeys too.


But specifically, we want to take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the creator of CODE Beautiful, Sarah Cross.


“Being a strong woman means keeping it real, turning your thoughts into things and of course empowering others. Growing a niche brand like CODE Beautiful with my own cash and going against corporates who spend millions on advertising is a constant challenge, but resilience, self-belief and an amazing inner circle has allowed me to fulfil my dreams and hopefully inspire others to do the same.”




Sarah, tell us a little about yourself.


I’m a proud mama to 2 year old Lily, I’m welsh but grew up in the middle east and I’m now a token northerner. I’ve been in Manchester for 12 years now and having lived in London, I definitely think Manchester is the cooler option. I’m pretty grounded and very close to my family and friends. I have an inner circle (it’s a Scorpio trait) once you are in, I’m super loyal and protective of those around me. I love lifting weights, playing records and Haagen-Daz salted caramel ice cream… in that order!


What motivated you to start CODE Beautiful?


Well it’s no good for a girl to keep being disappointed is it! I was tired of being disappointed by mascaras that kept claiming to do this, that and the other so I wanted to create my own, one product that did it all.


I had always wanted to create a product but never quite known what so being able to do this while solving a problem a lot of us women face seemed like the perfect opportunity.


After launching our mascara, it got me thinking about other hero products; those must-haves, like your capsule wardrobe for cosmetics. I wanted to create a brand that would be for people who want amazing quality products with none of the nonsense and not too much choice, just multi-tasking products that we all love.


Has your confidence every taken a knock, and how did you overcome it?


I got engaged to the wrong guy at 21 which hit my confidence hard, I was too young and naïve. I think confidence and self-belief comes more naturally with age. I’m really into meditation and mindfulness and the power of the mind, awareness can do amazing things for us!


Are there any women who inspire you?


I worked for a woman called Linda many years ago who totally inspired me in my career, I learnt a lot from her and she really helped me push my boundaries. Honestly now I feel inspired by working mums who have the ability to care for their family and juggle a career, even if they are being a swan above water and paddling like crazy underneath!


What advice would you give to other women?


Don’t undervalue yourself, and don’t be afraid to just go for it. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, always be willing to step outside your comfort zone and learn new things.


Support each other, it’s tough out there and it doesn’t make it any easier if we bring each other down. Whether that means buying a product that your friend is selling, or going for a coffee with someone that has reached out to you for advice, it can make the world of difference. My brand would not have grown so quickly without the support from my friends and family.




Let us know the women you admire in the comments below.



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