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Battle of the Lip Plumpers

Battle of the Lip Plumpers

The obsession with big lips is not a new phenomenon by any stretch. While Kylie Jenner may have got every on Instagram talking about lip fillers and plump pouts, juicy lips have always been at the top of peoples wish lists, way before the selfie brigade came out in force. 
There is actually some science behind why we all want those Angelina Jolie lips and apparently it’s because full lips signal sensuality, femininity and even makes us more attractive to the opposite sex. 
Whilst we’re not suggesting you go get a big fake pout just to please your man or woman, we are sick of people giving a terrible impression of lip plumper's and seeing them as some soft of fake instant solution for Kylie wannabes. 
So we want to straighten out a few things and then you can decide for yourself, once and for all, which camp are you in? 
CAMP A - The fake, instant but doesn’t last irritant. 
The majority of lip plumper's work by using ingredients that act as an irritant to the skin, therefore making your lips swell. These ingredients can range from pretty much anything, such as capsicum to bee venom! 
The reason some brands use bee venom in their products is because the ingredient fools the skin into thinking it has been stung, therefore leading to inflammation. There are so many risks associated with this especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies as your skin could develop a bad reaction to the ingredient. 
These products also only provide a temporary solution, and in the fact the more often you use them, the less effective they become as your body becomes more tolerant to these irritants. 
CAMP B - The genuine, hydrated plump that lasts and gets better over time. 
If you’re not one for wanting to feel genuine pain while applying your makeup, an alternative treatment like CODE LIP may be what you are looking for. 
Instead of the burning sensation a lot of products have, CODE LIP gives you a slight tingle, following by a minty fresh coolness. 
Whilst most plumper's use an irritant as their key ingredient to transform your pout, we chose to use an ingredient called Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a hydrating substance that is naturally found in your skin. It has the ability to hold a thousand times its weight in water… AMAZING! Not only will the extra moisture improve your lip volume over time, your lips will also be more hydrated. 
The unique combination of ingredients work to refine the natural contours of the lips, fill in any fine lines and create a more sculpted look. Don’t be afraid to layer it up during the day, the more often it’s applied, the better the results. 
CODE LIP is infused with coconut oil, sweet almond oil and caster oil, so you get the long-lasting results you’ve been dreaming off, without the burning sensation some other products might provide. 
Well, which camp are you in? 

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