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Lift and brighten your eyes in seconds

Lift and brighten your eyes in seconds

We’ve all been there with dark circles under our eyes, no matter how much sleep you are getting, they just never seem to go away... We wanted to give you the extra few hours in bed, but we couldn’t, so we are giving you the next best thing (maybe even better).
CODE LLE Lid Lift Enhance is the antidote to tired eyes and will lift and brighten your eyes in seconds. Put a small amount 2-3 tiny dots (using your fingertips or a brush) on your eyelid from your lash line right up to your brow bone and round into the corners and under your eye to cover any black over or under your eyes.
Coming in three shades. Fairer Soul, Light Hearted and Deep Moments, you can build it up as needed or blend shades together to achieve the perfect look for you! Packed full of clever ingredients, CODE LLE not only leaves you feeling naturally vibrant but will actively improve the condition of your skin straight away and over time. AAAND it doesn’t highlight or sit in any fine lines. #winning
Image of CODE LLE Lid Lift Enhance
CODE LLE Lid Lift Enhance
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We now have discounted kits for those of you who use all 3 shades and those that use just shades 2...
Image of CODE Lid Lift Enhance Duo Kit
CODE Lid Lift Enhance Duo Kit
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Image of CODE Conceal & Contour Kit
CODE Conceal & Contour Kit
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Love from, 
Sarah x
P.S If you already LOVE CODE LLE here is a video showing you how you can use all three shades in different ways and to achieve different looks!

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