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For lips that feel as good as they look

For lips that feel as good as they look

We know that you want makeup products to not only look good, but feel AMAZING too? How many times have we bought a product and It’s not lived up to it’s promises... That’s why we are building CODE Beautiful and developing products to not only help our customers feel naturally vibrant every day but also products that do exactly what they promise.
Both CODE LIP and CODE SSL are packed with plumping ingredients that fill in fine lines and help your lips to feel and look in much better condition. Both can be worn separately but are fab together.
How to achieve lips that feel as good as they look..
1. Line the lips with CODE SSL: start in the middle, and work outwards using short strokes.
2. Fill in the lips with CODE SSL: depending on if you want a bolder or a more natural look you can choose to fill your lips in completely with CODE SSL (using it like a lipstick as it’s so soft) or just smudge in the liner to create a softer base. Both ways look great and make the most of the lip plumping ingredient.
TOP TIP: If at any point the tip of CODE SSL needs to be sharpened...
  • Close the lid: the clever sharpener is in the lid itself so closing the lid keeps it sharp. To give it an extra sharpen close the lid tight and give it an extra tight turn until you hear a 'click' that will give it an extra sharp tip.
  • Replenish the tip: if the tip has broken off completely, close the lid and give it an extra tight turn until you hear a 'click' - repeat the click 3 times to replenish the tip (as long as there is product left of course 😊 CODE SSL should last you 2 – 3 months using it every day)
Finally, to complete the look add CODE LIP...
3. Apply generously: The applicator is a really nice size to coat even the edges of your lips. Apply a coat (or two!) and you are ready to face the day. Top up as you need to get that lovely cooling feeling again.
Here is a quick how to video...
"FORGET LIPSTICK AND JUST USE THIS! Can’t recommend it enough I saw a video of the owner using this as a liner and lipstick, so I tried it, and wa-lah, a satisfied customer was hooked!! How easy is that? Lovely colour, and easy-peazey!! " - Claire, CODE SSL customer.
Love from,
Sarah x
P.S. Get the two together in our Lip Kit on offer here.

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