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Is your skin dull and dry?

Is your skin dull and dry?

Are you feeling like your skin could use a little pick-me-up? ✨ I'm dropping you a quick note this Wednesday to help you say goodbye to dull, tired skin with CODE HTG ‘Hydrate Tint and Glow’! This little glass jar (yes its recyclable) of wonder, will give you that springtime glow in an instant; perfect for lips, eyes, and cheeks. Plus, you can customise your shade to suit your unique style and mood that day.
I love using all three shades depending on my mood or the occasion – from a natural everyday glow to a bold look for a night out. Trust me, this product is a game-changer! I'd go as far to say if you use a lip & cheek product right now, I'm pretty confident CODE HTG will be your new fave for many reasons.
✔️ A little goes a long way
✔️ It lasts!
✔️ The shades suit everyone
✔️ The packaging is recyclable
✔️ It will give you an instant glow in seconds
Don't let your skin lose its radiance – try CODE HTG today and watch your complexion come to life! 💫✨💋🌺
Here's a little clip so you can see it in action 👇🏻 
Sarah x
P.S. You can buy it here or all 3 in a kit here.

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