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easy spring summer makeup routine

easy spring summer makeup routine

I've got a super fast, easy and absolutely gorgeous makeup look to share with you to help with your spring / summer makeup look.
Here's a link to the video (just click on links below to watch on any platform) and I've listed below what I used.

✔️ CODE LLE in Light Hearted to conceal redness, age spots, pigmentation and some veins.
✔️ CODE LLE in Fairer Soul for my inner corners of my eye and my eyelines to prime smooth, lift and brighten.
✔️ CODE SSL for some summer statement lips.
✔️ CODE NBD in Black for super dark and groomed brows (I love them dark!).
✔️ CODE HTG in Pink Quartz who knows maybe I am now a pink kind of girl, it's my spring fave mainly because it gives me such an instant spring glow vibe on lips and cheeks.
✔️ CODE Lash Kit - because well, thanks to the aging process my lashes (and hair) are so damn thin!
✔️ CODE LLE in Deep Moments to give me a little bit of a tan and lift those cheekbones.
Laughing to myself at how rough I am with a brush…. See why I always usually use my fingers!
You can get all these products in the Vibrancy Kit (plus NBD) here. Don’t forget if you want to use all 3 shades of CODE LLE like I did you'll need to also get the CODE LLE Duo Kit too. Or if you are not getting the Vibrancy Kit, you can get all 3 shades of CODE LLE here.
If you want to get some help with the shades drop us a line and we'll help you choose.
Happy Sunday!
Sarah x

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