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Create a natural night out look

Create a natural night out look

We are well and truly into Christmas season now, so I thought I’d share my top tips for creating an easy natural evening look without the faff. 

As I’ve got older I’ve stopped wearing foundation it ages me and to be quite honest I don’t like feeling like I have makeup on, so for me a good skincare regime is key followed by a primer or tinted cream.  I also use CODE LLE for a base 'where I need it’, which is usually dark circles, red / purple veins around my eye area and nose and the odd hormonal spot (what’s that all about I thought the teenage years were over).  

I also love a bit of CODE LLE in Deep Moments, this does a few things for me it gives me a lovely bronzed look where I need it and it also brings in my cheekbones (when I’ve been in chocolate eating mode 😊)  

CODE HTG does what it says on the tin; Hydrate, Tint and Glow, I use it on eyes lips and cheeks in African Ruby. 

I'm loving my brows super dark at the moment so i'm using CODE NBD in Black. 

And of course CODE VLM for some elegance eye drama.

Please take a few seconds to watch my video and comment so that people get to see it too and spread the news of natural, easy to do vegan and cruelty free make up.

Sarah x


Over the last 10 years I have had a nightmare with health, weight gain, ageing and terrible complexion that I had given up trying to do anything about. I rarely wear makeup now as I just can’t make it look right anymore and have basically let myself go! Wanting to find myself again and sick of looking drab I started experimenting with makeup again. I can not tell you how much money and time I have wasted on products that just do not look right. Then I saw a video on Facebook for Code Beautiful, I very nearly scrolled on by as I have purchased from so many videos promising to make me look great, and quite simply I didn’t, I am so so glad I decided to give it one last try. My kit arrived but sadly Royal Mail had damaged the box and one of the products had fallen out in transit. I thought oh here we go! But no Code Beautiful were amazing, sorted it all out very quickly and soon I had the full kit. I put the kit to one side for another day as I really believed I had probably wasted my money again. Scroll on a few months I finally gave it a go. WOW! I have just got over a bad case of Covid and only just started going out again. NO foundation, just followed the video as just wanted a natural healthy look. I have had so many compliments on how well and healthy I look when I actually feel drained and fatigued after Covid. I have now purchased the other colours that I didn’t have so I have all options. Can’t wait to get them so I can have a play. Thank you Code Beautiful your products are really as good as your videos (they must be, I rarely leave a review). I will be chucking all my other products in the bin and sticking with yours, my search for a natural look that really works is over xxx

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