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Create a natural night out look

Create a natural night out look

We are well and truly into Christmas season now, so I thought I’d share my top tips for creating an easy natural evening look without the faff. 

As I’ve got older I’ve stopped wearing foundation it ages me and to be quite honest I don’t like feeling like I have makeup on, so for me a good skincare regime is key followed by a primer or tinted cream.  I also use CODE LLE for a base 'where I need it’, which is usually dark circles, red / purple veins around my eye area and nose and the odd hormonal spot (what’s that all about I thought the teenage years were over).  

I also love a bit of CODE LLE in Deep Moments, this does a few things for me it gives me a lovely bronzed look where I need it and it also brings in my cheekbones (when I’ve been in chocolate eating mode 😊)  

CODE HTG does what it says on the tin; Hydrate, Tint and Glow, I use it on eyes lips and cheeks in African Ruby. 

I'm loving my brows super dark at the moment so i'm using CODE NBD in Black. 

And of course CODE VLM for some elegance eye drama.

Please take a few seconds to watch my video and comment so that people get to see it too and spread the news of natural, easy to do vegan and cruelty free make up.

Sarah x

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