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Day to night glow with CODE HTG

Day to night glow with CODE HTG

If you have one thing in your bag this December make it CODE HTG, let me tell you why...?  It is one of the best multitaskers, it lasts for aaaaaages, it is nourishing for your skin, it’s a glow in a jar.. I could go on but you get the idea right? 

So lets talk colours....

CODE HTG in African Ruby,
I'm starting with my fave (obvs).
I use this one most days on my lips eyes and cheeks,
it has a lovely warmth to it and gives a beautiful glow day or night. 

CODE HTG in Pink Quartz,
this is a cool pink, I wear it softer on my cheeks and if I'm feeling sassy i wear it on my lips and eyes too, this can be built up to give a really bold pink color or softened to be more natural (it's Emma's current fave).

CODE HTG in Peach Moonstone,
this is super subtle, I love this on my cheeks and eyes, but I can only wear on my lips with CODE SSL as it’s too pale on my lips on it’s own.  This one is a super natural glow vibe, it will give a glow on all skin tones (our mother wears this daily as she loves how subtle but effective it is).

All of them can be topped up for your dinner or drinks out in the evening, and if you started the day with it just on your cheeks the evening is the time to add it to your eyes and lips. 

Happy glowing ladies,
Sarah x

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