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Happy Earth Day - Thank you for helping us become better

Happy Earth Day - Thank you for helping us become better

SOO it’s Earth Day and we just wanted to share a little story about how we try so hard to make change to be as sustainable as possible.
So back in 2012 we used to have packaging that was more than double the size of it is now (!) it looked good, was a box within a box, but as we were evolving, we wanted to become more responsible and an environmentally friendly brand. So, we went through a big change, we rebranded all our packaging and made them as small as they needed to be as well recyclable (as well as the finished print).  We also ensured that all of our products were certified as Cruelty Free and Vegan, which we’re very proud of.  Although not many of us are vegans here, many of you made it clear that this is something of incredible importance to you so we took it onboard. The more we learned the more we realised the opportunities to become more sustainable across the whole business.
We then looked at what we were sending out, we used to have little cards to pop in with product tips, however again we reduced this more recently and it is now consolidated on a page.  The jiffy bags and boxes we send our products in are fully recyclable as well as the tape that we use too!
We’ve reduced our footprint, we’ve streamlined all our products packaging and gotten rid of any unnecessary paper that just ends up in the bin. This meant sacrificing some fancy finishes that would have made the packaging non-recyclable, but we’re pretty pleased with the result.
We’d love to find a solution that would mean all parts of our products are 100% recyclable, but right now this isn’t possible and is very difficult in the beauty industry, as there are no alternatives for things such as our mascara tubes and lip liner casing. We’re actively working towards a solution though, so watch this space AND we’ve already produced CODE HTG in a fully recyclable glass jar which looks fab and you can pop it in your recycle bin.
Here’s a little clip we wanted to share with you... click here.

Happy Earth Day and thank you for helping us become better 🌎

Sarah & Emma x

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