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Our first little marketing campaign story…..CODE Beautiful Open Your Eyes to Something Different

Our first little marketing campaign story…..CODE Beautiful Open Your Eyes to Something Different

CODE Beautiful Open Your Eyes to Something Different

So we have just launched our new and in fact very first brand campaign Open Your Eyes to Something Different to celebrate uniqueness, diversity, and anti-conformity in make-up, I’m sure you’ve worked out by now we’re not your usually pretty make up brand. We are all about being yourself, whoever that may be. Check out our video here… http://code-beautiful.com 

We thought long and hard about who to feature in our campaign, we decided we wanted normal people that are their own kinda cool, firstly we came across Yolanda via Facebook! she’s got just our kinda vibe, she works hard in her own little café in manchester, called OM, the walls are decorated with her own art, she’s a fabulous artist and singer - how does she fit it all in!  She has the most amazing eyes and thought
she’d be perfect for showing how using our wardrobe of products she can create the perfect look for her.  Next up we just had to work with Jade again, she’s a friend of a friend of mine and the girl who’s on the side of our packaging, she worked with us on our very first shoot and again her eyes are to die for! She was also recently the face of JD sports, she’s got a great street style look going on, Jade is a big fan of CODE VLM our mascara, so we couldn’t wait to show her CODE FFL, our pre mascara lash plumper!  Our creative agency, contrast found us Katie through a model agency, we liked her because she is fresh and fly, law student by day and just new to modelling we thought she’d be perfect.. That hair! she’s just gorgeous, her lashes are super short with zero curl so we wanted to show off how CODE VLM and CODE FFL can create the perfect curled lashes, that are separate with volume that lasts all day.  The girls really helped us to create different looks and celebrate their individuality.  

Then we thought right how can we push this individuality message….. So the surprise element of the campaign was dropped in…Italian fitty Roberto, we found him online, he’s the creator of brand wrong people clothing and also works in a bar in Shoreditch, the look on his face when I met him at Selfridges for coffee and to THREAD his eyebrows! Haha bless him, we rocked up at the threading bar downstairs and said we want those uber Cara Delevingne brows, I really wanted to be able to do the close up shot and the viewer not even notice we threw a guy in there wearing mascara until the reveal at the end.  At the end you see he’s wearing CODE Beautiful mascara and looking to the camera as if to say… so what? – Don’t confirm, just be who you want to be… and why shouldn’t guys wear mascara even if it’s just one coat to give that wide awake look and open up the eyes, you can hardly tell he has it on you just think wow that guys got amazing lashes…. And the Tatts….#guyswithtattoos 

The reveal of this campaign coincided with our new product launch, CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes, a pre-mascara lash plumper you wear as a base under your fave mascara.  As part of the campaign we had a gifting day where we gave out #RandomActsofKindness in London Shoreditch and Manchester giving out our CODE VLM Volumising Lengthening Mascara Mini and campaign flyer showcasing the different looks from our new video and Yolanda, Jade, Katie and Roberto's stories.  

We launched a competition to raise awareness of the video on our social media giving our product range away to 30 winners we had 11,000 views in 2 days – pretty awesome for little old us hey! We were super chuffed!

We’d really love your feedback on our first campaign please tell us what you think…

CODE Beautiful Open Your Eyes to Something Different man wearing mascara

CODE Beautiful Open Your Eyes to Something Different leaflets

CODE Beautiful Open Your Eyes to Something Different Flyer

CODE Beautiful Be Your Self

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