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Forget Fake lashes girls, get awesome lashes with zero damage! #TRUDAT

Forget Fake lashes girls, get awesome lashes with zero damage! #TRUDAT

CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes, new pre-mascara lash plumperCODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes, pre-mascara lash plumper before and after results
It’s arrived! Our new product CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes, is a pre -mascara lash plumper that you wear under ANY mascara, it enhances the result giving you a dramatic false lash effect! Even better than that it helps your lashes regenerate, and conditions them just like you condition your hair!

We wanted to create something to replace the false lashes, lash inserts and extension us ladies wear (and rip out a lash or two on taking them out eeek!) CODE FFL has all the staple elements of our ultimate mascara, CODE VLM Volumising Lengthening Mascara, and it’s tinted so no white show through, it gives you a head start to the race of luscious lashes giving maximum volume and length potential when pared with mascara. 

CODE FFL is the first tinted undercoat to be in a soft brown shade, it won’t show through your mascara yet is the perfect solo choice for fair lashes seeking natural yet defined enhancement.  FFL instantly upgrades lashes with it’s lash perfecting formula, coating each lash and maximising its potential length and volume even before mascara. 

Unlike any other mascara primers, CODE FFL has the same wand as CODE VLM. Dual length bristles which capture newly grown lashes as well as fully-grown.  It’s the only brush designed to build volume by coating the liny lashes that provide a frame along the lash line and a supportive, volumising base for longer thicker lashes.

The best bit… it’s amazing for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearer there are no horrible cotton wool type pieces that you paint on! Our formulation is creamy and feels just like a mascara but packed with wow factor fibres mixed in with the formulation to avoid irritation to the eyes or bits all over your face!

If you haven’t already tried CODE FFL, you must! You can pick it up on our website with free shipping worldwide, in Harvey Nichols stores, Beautyandtheboutique and selected stylish retailers and salons across the UK.

You would have also seen CODE FFL recently in NOW Magazine the gorgeous peeps over there said…. “Want the effect of fake lashes without the fear of them dropping onto your cheek? This new pre-mascara lash primer plumps up your lashes and gives you instant volume thickness and length. Pow, pow!”

CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes, mascara primer in NOW Magazine

If you’ve tried it, please take the time to write a review or post your comments below, we really appreciate all your support – lets see those selfies with gorgeous lashes!



After searching for ages for a solution to lovely eye lashes. At last!! Found it ffl is absolutely amazing!! It does what it says and is well worth the money. Thank you CODE Beautiful 💋

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