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5 Commonly asked questions about CODE VLM

5 Commonly asked questions about CODE VLM

Our very first product and still one of our bestsellers, CODE VLM is a true hero.  

We’re convinced that once you’ve tried it, you’ll be able to throw away all the mascaras you currently have in your makeup bag and just use this one, for any occasion, day and night, rain or shine.  

Sounds too good to be true? We’re here to help... we often get asked questions about our volumisinglengthening mascara because people just can’t believe how good it is, so we’ve popped answers to 5 of the most common questions we get asked below.   

What makes CODE VLM different... why is it the perfect mascara for all looks?  

It’s the combination of the brush and the formula, we spent a long time developing both of these things to make sure we had the perfect product.  

The brush is very sturdy and has different size bristles. The bristles are spaced out to get in between each and every lash to distribute the product where you need it at the base of the lash... we are always getting compliments from professional makeup artists about the brush!  

As well as the formula and brush, we also have a bit of a secret technique. Using the ‘Roots, Wriggle, Roll’ technique means you can get some serious length and curl to your lashes without ever needing to use curlers 

Roots: Pop the brush on to your lashes as close to the root as you can. 
Wriggle: Give the brush a good wriggle back and forth, this will make sure even the tiniest of lashes are covered. 
Roll: Gently twist the brush from root to tip. 

Will CODE VLM irritate my eyes 

Not at all. Even the most sensitive of eyes can use both CODE VLM and CODE FFL. In fact, our founder, Sarah has very sensitive, watery eyes herself so she knew how important it was to create a product that would be suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  

One of the things we did to make sure CODE VLM doesn’t irritate your eyes is add a sealing agent into the formula to make sure your lashes and the teeny tiny fibres stay in place all day long meaning no irritation and no fall out... a win win.   

The formula feels really dry compared to other mascaras I have used, is it meant to be like this 

Yes, definitely the formula is meant to look like this. Most ‘wet’ mascaras that you may have used in the past often have too much product on the brush which leads to clumps or your lashes dropping half way through the day... not a good look for anyone we must say.  

We spent a long time developing the wiper inside our mascara tube to make sure you get the perfect amount of product on the brush every time. This means no clumps, no smudges and no flakes. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 

Do you make CODE VLM in brown 

No we don’t, but we have found that lots of people that previously used to use brown mascara (including our own family!), now wear CODE VLM as it is designed to get blacker the more you apply it.  

What we mean by this is if you just apply one coat lightly, it gives you the perfect alternative to brown. But if you prefer a darker shade, you can just keep topping it up until your desired look and it won’t clump. 

Something else that we’ve discovered from chatting to our customers, is that some really fair people use CODE FFL on its own as a mascara as it has a light brown colour!    

Is CODE VLM waterproof 

It’s water-resistant rather than waterproof. This means that you can have a good cry or laugh and it doesn’t smudge... but we wouldn’t recommend diving in a pool 😉 

We didn’t create a waterproof formula as this makes the formula very heavy and causes lashes to droop throughout the day, whereas with CODE VLM it’s a buildable formula so the lashes stay put all day and you can build for more volume to take you from day to night.  

Many of our customers (including our founder) have sensitive eyes and love using our mascara, along with bridal makeup artists all over the world!  


We hope you love CODE VLM as much as we do, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and share your pics in the comments below. 😘 


This is definitely the best mascara I have ever used gets my eyelashes lovely and long. Will definitely be ordering again.

This is the best mascara I have ever used. I love it and will definitely buy again

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