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It's all about the eyes...

All the single ladies... check out this top flirting technique. A proven technique that works pretty much every time... so here it is...

Obvs you look fab and have got your Friday night Smoky eye look going on... 

You’ve clocked him, or her... the victim across the room...

Step One
The super quick glance – when I say quick I mean quick but long enough for him to catch you.. LOOK and when he’s spotted you, look away fast...

Step Two
The lock down look – this time you glance but for a little longer, your CODE VLM lashes will come in handy here... slight flutter, he knows you’re defo looking at him now, look down and away, continue to be fabulous and chat to your mates, give it a few minutes..

Step Three
The stare out – the final step needs all your flutter power, hold his look until you and probably he feels slightly uncomfortable, smile, flutter those lashes and turn away... he’ll be over before you know it.


Please share your success stories with us #CODEchatup
#GirlPower #Mascara #Lashes


Fantastic effect with no effort! Would love it in Blue? Permanent fixture in Makeup routine!

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