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Another Make up artist using CODE Beautiful Mascara...

The very gorgeous make up artist, Eloise Parker is one of the latest to be hooked on CODE Beautiful mascara she says she uses CODE VLM on shoots because “It's so easy to use and the effects are instant! The slim brush makes it easy to apply & reach every lash! It separates the lashes beautifully whilst giving length & amazing volume!”.

Eloise is an experienced freelance hair and make-up artist and has been in the industry for 7 years and freelancing for the past 5.  Our jobs are not seen as ‘work’ when it’s something we love and that’s Eloise’s philosophy too. She explained “when your passionate and it’s your hobby, what more could a woman want?!”

From a young age Eloise expressed her artistic flair through painting, she was then drawn to make-up and realised what a huge passion she had for it! Gaining lots of experience and knowledge starting off working on make-up counters for the likes of Dior. Eloise then started assisting on shoots on her days off which meant working almost every day.. #HardWorkAlwaysPaysOff!

Through assisting, meeting photographers and networking along the way Eloise started to pick up her own clients and work. Eloise left retail and started freelancing 5 years ago now and works with magazines such as More!, FHM, Reveal and Fabulous.  the lucky lady gets to work with celebrities such as Danielle Lloyd, Alan Carr, Michelle Keegan and her most recent shoot was for Heat magazine with Lauren Pope from TOWIE.. Doing cover shoots for Runners world, Time out and Zoo as well as newspapers national newspapers!

As if that doesn’t make her busy enough Eloise also works music videos, the life of a MUA hey!

Eloise enjoys doing wedding hair and make-up at the weekends and adding her touch to someone’s special day. She’s created some beautiful brides and now CODE VLM is part of her core kit there will be many more brides without a dry eye but no running mascara! Check out some of her work here….



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