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a CODE model for the day...

A blog written by one of the CODE model's from our first photo shoot...

I’m so excited to have been part of the launch of CODE Beautiful... I was asked to be one of three models for the very first photo shoot of CODE Beautiful VLM.  So what did my day look like...

Well the alarm went off at 7 am on a sat morning ( I didn't even know that time existed at the weekends!! )  I had to drive from my home town to a fancy studio in Manchester Matt Wright photography.

I have to admit I was a little nervous as I didn't know what to expect but we had a great team on the day Art Directed by Danny Bickerton who's done some amazing shoots and  behind the scenes work for some super cool brands.  Ben who was the account manager at uber gave us our brief for the day, we needed before and after shot's, and a profile shot for the side of the pack as well as some of the famous CODE looks using the quirky Roots, Wriggle Roll technique, you can read about here ( it changes the way I apply my mascara! )

So each model had to do #CODEnatural ( one coat ), #CODEdramatic, #CODEfeline and #CODEsmokey as you can imagine it took what felt like an age to the shots set up and they had to be perfect.. Lizzie the Make up artist was great and spent the whole day creating different looks for each of us. It was super exciting having shots taken and then looking at them on screen (I was quite surprised with the before and after shots myself!)

Whilst Matt was shooting for the photography Danny did a behind the scenes so that CODE wearers could have a look at how the shots were created you can see it here

It was an awesome day, even though there was lots of waiting around between shots and model changes, we all had a giggle and  i'm just so pleased to be part of - what i'm sure is going to be an iconic brand.

AND of course to see myself on the back of the pack (before and after shots ) is ACE

CODE VLM is now a must have in my make up bag at all times – I love it!

Emma x

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