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Over the last year Kirsti and I have learnt tons and tons about getting the best out of your mascara.. We've been picking up all sorts of tips from the experts in the beauty industry and giving them a whirl..

I'm about to share with you one of my personal fave's that I tell all my girlfriends about and they think I've just given them some kind of secret CODE to the coolest party in town…..

So we all know by now that one of the really fab things about CODE VLM is it's the only mascara I've used that allows me to build during the day without it clumping, flaking or smudging, which is pretty amazing that I don’t have to check myself half way through the day for fear of having black marks down my face!

Anyway..back to my personal favourite….. Creating that cat eye, sexy look, what we like to call #CODEFeline.. Use the Roots, Wriggle Roll technique that's on the back of the inner of our CODE Mascara box..

Here's a little reminder Roots – get that CODE VLM bush right to the root of the lash it's important as it's where the lash lift comes from, if you start your mascara application from the mid – lower length of the lash rather than the root, you just won’t achieve the more open eyed look that root application achieves.

Wriggle – wriggle the brush back and forth 3 – 4 times when your brush is in place at the root of the lash. The wriggle builds product into the root area and this will give longevity to the lash lift. This lash lift scaffolding will last you all day long. Then you've got to...

Roll – Roll, sweep, glide. what ever you want to call it, but the key thing is to get the mascara right from the root to the tip of the lash, to separate and lengthen…

Then back to #CODEFeline again… After you've done your liquid liner flick.. Then your first coat of CODE VLM using the technique Roots, Wriggle, Roll, sweep out the brush on the second application towards your temple in a 45 degree angle… And voila sexy cat eyes.. Flutter those lashes ladies… And send me your piccys post on facebook or tag us in a tweet / instagram @CODEBeautiful

Sarah x

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