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A Day in the Life of a CODE VLM addict, our guest blogger, Carla…

Morning! Here we are again, the hour of the day everybody wishes they never saw 6:20am. Zzz… A restless night resulting in lack of sleep, wanting that extra hour (or several!) in bed and tired piggy eyes!! So I’m sat here wondering will I actually look presentable for work today?!

After a refreshing shower I feel much more awake and ready to kick start the day. So its make-up time! I firstly apply my foundation, eyeliner and eye-shadow then just one coat of CODE using the application method CODE provide, so I put the brush as close the root of my lashes as I can, give it a little wiggle from side to side and then roll the brush from the root to tip. And for me, that’s enough CODE for the meantime the length is already incredible and that’s just from one coat!

So it’s my second favourite time of the day, lunchtime! It’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m meeting the partner for lunch, here’s hoping he takes me somewhere fab, a quick fix of lippy and I apply my second coat of CODE. This is the one thing I find absolutely incredible about this mascara, and for me, what makes it stand out far and beyond from any other I have used before.. NO CLUMPS! Yes that’s right, I have re-applied 4 hours after my first coat and my lashes haven’t stuck together, they don’t look like ‘spiders legs’ and I’m not left with what looks like 4 spikey horrible lashes. I’m left looking beauuutiful! My lashes are looking thicker, longer and the intensity of the black is standing out more now.

Ahh and I can officially say it’s the weekend and to top it off I’m off out tonight for some well-deserved cocktails with the girls, perfect! I have decided I will go for smokey eyes with a statement lip colour now my only problem is my dress is yet to be decided.. So many dresses, not enough occasions!

I remove all of my make-up apart from the CODE mascara so that I feel fresh faced. Reason being I leave the mascara is because I know I am able to work with it. So I go back through the make-up process and apply everything as I would normally. Smokey eyes are one of my favourite eye techniques and I think it’s particularly well suited for a night out. Once everything is set I am ready for the finished look with my final coat of CODE. Again as I said before, no clumps just extra amazing volume and length, coat after coat. My lashes feel so full and lifted, I honestly feel like I’m wearing falsies!

Heres the final look, as you can see for yourself the results are truly wonderful hey?! I know my mascara hunt is over now and thank goodness for that!! Now for the dress….

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