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Strong Eye vs. Strong Lip

Strong Eye vs Strong Lip

Flutter or pout? When it comes to make-up, we usually fall into two squads, strong eye vs. strong lip. From catwalk to selfie, it’s a smouldering eye or statement lip that gets the most attention - and whilst I love a perfect Kylie Jenner pout (I mean who doesn’t) for me it’s all about the strong eye.

To master the strong eye look, I take inspiration from some babes with mega sass. Ariana Grande and Cara Delevigne work a strong eye like no other. Smoky shades are top of the list with a feline flick to add a certain meow factor, but it’s the mascara that finishes the look, don’t you agree? It’s the final frame.

Now mascara is pretty much a staple in every girl’s make-up bag, but trying to find ‘the one’ takes time – think back to how many you’ve tried and tested – it’s a lot right?! That’s where the CODE brush comes in (literally) because no matter what you have planned, this mascara is one you can rely on day or night.

If like me a lush lash is a look you obsess over, then a coat of CODE VLM brings it. Using the CODE Beautiful ‘roots, wriggle and roll’ technique will change the way you apply mascara forever - you can thank them later! Just repeat until you get your desired level of fluttering and say hello to long and volumised lashes without the clumps. It’s really that simple.

Next time you work a strong eye, remember CODE have got you covered for the perfect flutter so bat away, I won’t judge ;)

Charlotte, Oh Style (Guest Blogger)

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