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You won't believe the difference

You won't believe the difference

We've got a super indulgent freebie for you this October 2021.... when you buy any two products, you’ll get our CODE SSH – Shield Soothe Hydrate treatment cream for FREE*. 

The transformation you’ll get you won't quite believe... So this is not just any old cream, this is a treatment cream for use once a day, that will completely transform your hands, feet, elbows, knees (basically your dry bits and the bits we often forget to look after).  It’s packed FULL of active ingredients, unlike any other hand cream we’ve ever used.

Check out these pics our customer Colette sent us...

And see what Emma P thought of it when she tried CODE SSH...

"I was first drawn to this hand cream because of the advertised light texture that was easily absorbed yet super moisturising - the cream delivered completely in this arena. It’s a hand cream that you can use through the day and not have to wait long for it to be completely absorbed and your skin feels super moisturised. I have however been blown away by the healing qualities of this hand cream. My skin is super sensitive to the sun and although I always have SPF on I regularly have sunburnt hands. After applying SSH every few hours over a 24 hour period the sun burn had gone and my hands felt back to normal - and thoroughly nourished. Whatever ingredients you have in the cream ladies - they are truly magical. This is a game changer for me and can no way be compared to your average off the shelf hand cream :-)"

So, all that’s left to decide is which of our stand out beauty products you’ll treat yourself to...? 

Happy Friday!
Emma x  
P.S. *Offer valid while stocks last for the month of October 2021. You need to add a SSH product to your basket along with your other two items 🙂

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