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There are still plenty of festivals left for this year so if you haven’t spent your weekend drunk in a field covered in mud yet, don’t worry there is still time! 

Whether you’re braving the English weather or heading to a festival abroad, the most important question is, ‘what are you taking?!’

Packing your festival makeup bag can be such a pain. We all know the dilemma – you want to look your most fabulous (who knows who you might meet in the crowd) but you’ve also got to accept that you can’t take your entire bedroom with you (sorry, we wish this was possible too!). 

We want to take a bit of the pressure off you this festival season so when it comes to mascara, we’ve got you covered. Here is 5 reasons why CODE VLM MINI is your festival lifesaver… 
It’s Travel Size
Travelling light is essential at festivals, trust us, you’ll be miserable carting around a heavy backpack 24/7. CODE VLM MINI is the perfect size to pop in your bumbag or pocket. 
You can build up your look
We understand that daytime chilling with a can of cider and dancing the night away at your favourite DJ requires a whole different look but who has time to re do their whole face when there’s so many acts to see! You can build up the layers of CODE VLM MINI to increase the drama of your lashes from day to night, without worrying about it clumping or flaking off.
It’s kind to your lashes
As much as we promise ourselves we will, it’s highly unlikely that we’re going to stick to our normal skincare routine at festivals. CODE VLM MINI is kind to your lashes, containing vitamins and minerals to encourage lash growth, so while we never encourage sleeping in your makeup – if you do forget to take it off, VLM MINI won’t do as much damage as a typical mascara. 
Small but mighty – it will stay in place 
CODE VLM Mini might be little but it’s also tough. It won’t sweat off when you’re in the middle of a stuffy tent and it will withstand unpredictable festival weather, it won’t melt in the heat or smudge in a rain shower.
It Looks Great With Glitter 
At festivals it’s a lot of fun to wear brightly coloured makeup, glitter and gems on our faces, the more extravagant the better. For this reason, it’s extra important that our lashes stand out, so they don’t get lost in a busier look. CODE VLM Mini will give you everything you need for statement lashes, volumes, length, thickness and definition, so they will be noticed against a background of glitter eye shadow! 

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