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Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration

Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration

Looking for the ultimate wedding guest outfit but not sure where to start? Call off the search and pour yourself a glass of wine, we’ve got you covered from co-ords to dresses and everything in between.  

There are no rules when it comes to what you wear, you need to feel comfortable and be able to embrace your own individual style. Well there are some rules, don’t wear white for instance ;).  

co-ord suit is perfect for wanting weddings as it generally offers more coverage than dresses. It’s also perfect for people that don’t really like wearing dresses but still want to look smart and classy.  

Add a chic white top underneath his outfit so you’ve still got a classy outfit when you take your blazer off and dance the night away.  

Looking for an outfit that you can wear time and time again? This two piece is perfect. The colour is striking and screams elegance, it can be nicely dressed up with some gold accessories.  


Spring and Summer are probably the easiest times to dress for a wedding so if you’re looking for a more traditional dress look, check out these options below.  


*Dress 1: 


Dress 2: 


Dress 3:



Unsure on what makeup look to go for? Check out our list of wedding makeup essentials here.

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