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Top tips for running your first 10k

Top tips for running your first 10k

I’ve always loved running from a very young age, I used to compete against different schools (and much bigger age groups), not that I’m competitive at all… honest 😉

 After quite a break, a few years ago, I got into running again and it felt gooood… I think it’s so good not only for your health and fitness but also for your wellbeing. 

So here are my top tips for running your first 10k…

  1.  Buy a decent pair of trainers – don’t scrimp and buy cheap trainers, it’s so important to get a comfortable pair of running trainers that suit your feet!
  2. Join a running club – I joined a local running club in Manchester - it was the best thing I did.  Such a welcoming and friendly group it gave me the motivation I needed to get out there and run.  It’s so easy to make excuses and not go ‘because it’s raining’ or ‘I’m working late’, I made the commitment to make sure I went come rain or shine - no excuses!  (I also find a little bit of competition, makes you want to run the best you can!) Lots of club start you off on a couch to 5k programme which is a great way to get into it!
  3. Get the gear – you don’t want to be carrying your phone around whilst running, get an arm band or belt holder, listen to your fave music (when you’re not running with your buddies of course), although not necessary needed – I like to have a Fitbit watch too to monitor my progress and linked to MyFitnessPal to monitor exercise and food intake.
  4. Plan – don’t just sign up to a 10k – get yourself prepared. Run with a club, join the couch to 5k – get yourself ready. Sign up to weekend Parkrun’s – they are great! 5k timed races.
  5. Stay Hydrated – it’s important to drink lots of water
  6. Don’t over do it! Make sure you listen to your body – if you need rest, rest!


I think the most difficult bit is getting yourself motivated (joining a club really helped me with this!) I ran the Great Manchester Run which I loved, such a buzzing atmosphere!


Good luck! 😘


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